A Sample of Services Offered Includes:
  +  Coordination with your Veterinarian for treatment directives
  +  Coordinating
& meeting your Vet for barn-calls on your horse
  +  Post Surgery/Injury Lay-Up care
  +  Medicated Eye Care
  +  Specialized Wrapping-Bandaging + Soaking-Ice Boots
  +  On-Call Vets 
  +  Administering Veterinarian ordered medications
  +  Exercise Start-up as required for Return-to-Work
  +  Structured/Monitored Round-Pen or Paddock Turnout. 

      In-Hand as required
  +  Master Farrier for corrective/interim/therapeutic shoeing
  +  EquiVibe—Whole Body Vertical Vibration
  +  Magnetic Blanket Therapy - to improve overall circulation
  +  Nutrition counseling w/ Veterinarian 
  +  Specialized nutrition options available
  +  24/7 Video-Monitor in Treatment Stalls & Round-Pen
  +  Non-Emergency Transport

  +  .....and More

While some processes are finite, many change often throughout a recovery process.  Rest assured we’re adept at communicating clearly with your Vet and modifying a treatment plan when required or desired.

Our Services

We do not replace primary Hospital or Veterinarian services.  We are an  adjunct provider of treatment and management following such Primary services.

Every horse requires a specific regimen of treatment or therapy.  From “treatment-to-therapy-to-exercise” we consult with and follow all directives specified by your Veterinarian.  Daily and even hourly observation, as necessary, allows us to maintain a solid pulse on the recovery process and modify steps as required.  “Special Needs” are easily accommodated.

We offer management and treatment for a broad range of conditions including:
 +  Soft Tissue recovery
 +  Wound Care
 +  Colic Recovery
 +  Hoof/ Foot/Leg Injury Recovery
 +  Post surgery/Injury Lay-Up Care
 +  Post-Foaling Mare and Foal Care
 +  Vet-Administered Fluid Management
​ +  .....and more

Tradewinds Equine Rehab Center

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