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Tradewinds Equine Rehab Center

Marshall, VA             540.270.4998

Our Facility

Every facility has it's strengths.  At Tradewinds Equine Rehab you'll find a very low-key, quiet, rustic, private farm with no traffic and surrounded by quiet countryside.  

We feature two round-pens, a riding ring,  and  25 acres of paddock turnouts available. Our stalls are cleaned several times throughout the day and bedded daily with shaving or straw as required. 

A dedicated Rehab Treatment Stall provides a clean treatment area and includes the EquiVibe Vertical Vibration Therapy platform.

With Hydration being so critical to a horse’s recovery we’ve installed a state-of-the-art water purification system that serves the entire barn and farm.  And of course, backup generators ensure electrical power regardless of the outside weather or power outages.