With over three decades of Veterinary-assisted & monitored horse rehabilitation under our belt we've handled most problems and injuries horses can suffer.  As breeders for over 35 years we've dealt with most breeds and their various stages of injuries and surgeries. As an FEI-Level competitor for 30+ years I also personally understand the stresses, demands, and injuries that befall horses.
Our concern is for not just the injury, but for the entire horse during recovery.  We’re the aftercare that begins the recovery process after horse leaves the hospital or Veterinarian. 

Our experience has the benefit of years of Veterinary advice and oversight.  Through hourly/daily monitoring of your horse we'll ensure any directives for treatment, nutrition and exercise are followed closely.  Your horse will receive all the time necessary with full attention to its needs.

With your horse at Tradewinds Equine Rehab you can count on it receiving the closest attention and conscientious care.  You have my personal assurance on it.

                                     Katy Browne-Masek.

Client Feedback

From Diana T. - South Carolina

It is Katy’s knowledge of horse anatomy, psychology, physiology, and medical treatment for which I have the highest regard. I’ve entrusted three horses to Katy and they’ve all received first-rate care and attention. I highly recommend Katy to anyone looking to place a horse in any kind of rehab. Katy is a premier horse technician and superb instructor.


Katy Browne-Masek’s three years of focused management of our beloved horse’s chronic lymphangitis and overall well-being has allowed us to enjoy our very special horse on trail rides several times a week. Our DVM’s confidence in Katy to administer critical medications gives us great peace-of-mind. Thank You Katy.

The Owner's Message

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