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EquiVibe Therapy
EquiVibe - Whole Body Vibration (WBV) helps your horse perform better and rehabilitate faster.  EquiVibe is easier and simpler to use in less time than any other alternative.

The EquiVibe puts out vertical vibration. This is very important, not all plates have true vertical vibration. That is what you want and what is best for humans and animals. It is the preferred vibration in the health industry by doctors and trainers alike.
When you walk or run you do not run side-to-side, your movement is more up-and-down. So vertical vibration is more of a natural movement, which the EquiVibe provides. Only EquiVibe provides the true vertical vibration in the animal health care industry in the United States.

‚ÄčIt can help the whole body at one time in just minutes.  See more about the benefits of EquiVibe at