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Here at Tradewinds Equine Rehab we don't just believe that your Horse is your family, we treat it like our own --- as it should be. Care is provided by a tenured & skilled Practitioner & Owner with a trained staff ready to  consult with you and your Vet, treat, monitor, and if desired, implement a return-to-work program specific to your Horse's needs. We're dedicated to around-the-clock care. You can be assured that your Horse will receive focused, conscientious, & expert treatment and care.

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Your Horse is Family!

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Truly One of the Best!

Barely 50F quiet and relaxed...thank you to my great friend, trainer and miracle rehab professional, Katy Browne-Masek. This mare had about the worst chance of overcoming her injuries... that frankly we all knew this was the case...going into the correct diagnoses 3 years ago after 2 years of nothing working for any length of time. But I decided we would try and Katy made the real difference.  This is WHY you keep your horse in a professional rehab barn. Many simply don't have the experience or ability to manage the many acute situations I've lived through with Zoe since 2016.  Thank You, Thank You Katy!  "BL"

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Thank You Katy!

When Job and I were looking for someplace to send our 17 hand Dutch Harness mare, Lucy, to recover after surgery, we knew we had to find someplace that was going to be experienced in handling a young and “knows she is big” horse, but would also have the expertise to give her the hands-on care that was required in her recovery.

When we found Kailua Farm in Marshall, Virginia, I set up a facility tour and knew right when I walked into the barn that “this was the one”. Lucy stayed with Katy for several months and her recovery is thanks to Katy and her knowledge of horses and BEMER products, red light therapy, massages, wrapping, and more.

Thank you Katy and the Kailua Team for getting our Lucy back out in the hunt field and driving and for us to enjoy Lucy for many more years to come.

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